Is the Isukoshi King Massage Chair really better than the Real Relax? A complete comparison

Chair Massage vs Barefoot Shiatsu: Which One is Right for You?

mm350 massage chairAre you fond of the soothing effects of professional massages but can’t always bear Real Relax® PS3000 Home Massage Chair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Robots Hands SL-Track Massage Recliner with Body scan Bluetooth Heat Brown the expenses? Good news abounds: massage chairs are increasingly becoming a popular and accessible alternative. Yet, with so many options available, how can one choose wisely? In this comparison article, we shall scrutinize two popular models – the Isukoshi King Massage Chair and the Real Relax – to enable prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

Introducing the Isukoshi King Massage Chair and the Real Relax

The Isukoshi King Massage Chair and the Real Relax are two ingeniously designed massage chairs that emulate the effects of a skilled masseuse. Utilizing mechanical rollers and airbags to target distinct zones of the body, these chairs offer various massage techniques, such as shiatsu and kneading. However, they also possess some unique features that distinguish them from each other.

Isukoshi King Massage Chair

The Isukoshi King Massage Chair stands out as a high-end model offering advanced features to give a potent massage experience. It boasts a variety of modes, including kneading, tapping, and shiatsu, and is equipped with airbags that apply compression and percussion to your shoulders, arms, and feet. Of particular note is the Isukoshi King’s 3D massage rollers, which can move in three dimensions, replicating the motions of a skilled human therapist for a more holistic and customizable massage experience by adjusting to one’s body contours and appealing to persistent pain points.

The Isukoshi King Massage Chair also possesses a unique feature of Zero Gravity, where the chair reclines and positions itself at a comfortable angle to reduce pressure on the back and aid circulation. Additionally, it is fitted with built-in Bluetooth speakers, offering users the opportunity to play their favorite tunes or listen to soothing sounds during a therapeutic session.

Real Relax

The Real Relax is another highly sophisticated massage chair that gives a buoyant massage experience, boasting various massage modes, including shiatsu, kneading, and knocking. Unlike the Isukoshi King, the Real Relax utilizes a built-in heating mechanism that infuses warmth to the back, facilitating relaxation and easing muscle tension. It also features a foot roller system that gives a reflexology massage to the soles of the feet.

The chair is uniquely compact compared to the Isukoshi King, making it more manageable to move around and store. It also possesses wheels for smoother transport and can accommodate users of different heights. The Real Relax is equipped with a built-in music player, enabling users to play music or listen to a soothing sound whilst basking in the therapeutic sensation.

Features compared: Isukoshi King Massage Chair vs. Real Relax

Both massage chairs have various massage modes, including shiatsu and kneading. However, the Isukoshi King Massage Chair has more modes and offers a more intense massage experience, which could make some users uncomfortable. The Real Relax, on the other hand, offers a softer touch, which many users might cherish.

Regarding design and comfort, the Isukoshi King is larger and heavier than the Real Relax, which makes it challenging to maneuver. Although designed to support the neck, back, and legs, some users might find the Isukoshi King Massage Chair uncomfortable with long hours of use. On the other hand, the Real Relax is more compact and has wheels for effortless mobility. It also has a superior built-in foot massager than the Isukoshi King, making it more favorable for foot massage enthusiasts.

Price comparison

The ultimate deciding factor, of course, is the price. The Isukoshi King Massage Chair has a higher price tag, around $2000, whereas the Real Relax is more affordable at around $900. However, the Isukoshi King offers more features for the price, making it a natural choice for individuals who want a more sophisticated massage therapy experience.


Which massage chair is right for you, one may ask? We reckon primarily on your personal preferences and unique needs. If you desire a more rigorous touch and is willing to invest more, then the Isukoshi King Massage Chair is undoubtedly the better option for you. Its advanced features, from the 3D massage rollers to the zero-gravity effect, give a more comprehensive and customizable massage experience.

If you prefer a more gentle touch or would like to listen to relaxing tunes during your massage therapy session, then the Real Relax might be the more suitable option for you. With its portable design, built-in heating, and foot roller system, the Real Relax offers you the convenience you desire.

Overall, both massage chairs possess unique advantages and disadvantages, and with this detailed comparison, we hope you can make informed decisions on the one that best meets your preferences. With a wise investment on either of them, you can enjoy all the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your home.

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